Call For Entry

For the HEROES & VILLAINS show 

Exhibition Deadlines and Requirements 

Submissions Due: January 3

A figurative exhibition showing how artists portray and express who and what heroes and villains are

1-3 Submissions: up to 60 in 

Exhibition Fee: $18(1) $36(2) $54(3)

In Person Delivery: January 11 (By appointment only)

Shipped Delivery: January 6 (All shipping charges paid by the artist, thank you.)

In Person Pickup: March 7

Shipped Pickup: March 10 (All shipping charges paid by the artist, thank you.)

Canal Street Art Gallery presents: Heroes & Villains, a group show of artworks representing the human figure. The Heroes & Villains show opens January 20th and is on view to the public through March 4th. Join the Gallery on 3rd Friday Gallery Night in Historic Downtown Bellows Falls from 5-7pm, January 20th, to celebrate and meet the artists. All Gallery events are free and open to the public.

The story of the hero and villain is told in many ways. The quest of the hero often includes the villain. The villain’s story may be told as well as, or even instead of, the hero’s. Sometimes, many of the hardest decisions a hero must make are revealed by villains. The internal struggle of the hero may be representative of the part of the villain which resides in the hero themselves. The many transformations of the hero may include the primordial hero, the childhood of the hero, the hero as warrior, lover, emperor and tyrant, redeemer, and saint.

The path of the hero in their mythological adventure follows the rites of passage: separation - initiation - return. “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boon on his fellow man.” - Joseph Cambell, The Hero With A Thousand Faces (New York, NY: Bollingen Foundation, Princeton University Press, 1949), p. 30. 

Heroes answer a call to adventure. The refusal of the call is followed by supernatural aid, the crossing into the first part of the hero's quest, and the entering into the belly of the whale. The road of trials, meeting with the goddess and atonement with the father can be some of the parts of the hero's initiation. The return of the hero is often marked by the refusal to return, the rescue from without, and mastering the two worlds to achieve the freedom to live and the power to renew the world.

In the promotional piece for the Heroes & Villains show, “The Power of One”, 2018, by the late Charles Norris-Brown, the same girl at different ages supports herself to reach for the sky. This represented to the artist the sentiment of “Never give up”. Perhaps in as many ways as there are people, heroes may include all those who accept the call to the heroic quest. 

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