Deborah Bump

Deborah Bump, American, based in Saxtons River, VT

About Deborah Bump

Deborah Bump

Colorado Cottonwood

Carved found wood

11 x 13 x 3 in


Deborah Bump

Apple eating

Carved found wood

6 x 3.5 x 1.5 in


Deborah Bump

New Mexico Juniper

Carved found wood

3 x 3 x 1 in


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Artist’s Statement

I began in 1967, teaching myself, learning skills, cultivating my eye, developing a personal visual vocabulary. The work arose from my love of wood and trees and my love of birds and animals. My material is wood found and salvaged from orchard pruning piles, walks in New England woods, and travels in the Southwest. In the grain, the natural colors and the quirks of tree growth I look for the spirit locked in the weathered wood. I begin by removing excess wood: cutting, sanding, carving, reworking, and refining my vision. When ready, the sculpture receives 5 coats of clear finish. Now the piece comes to life. The living spirit of the animal shines out.


Deborah Bump is known for her sculptures using fallen and weathered wood. The artist preserves the naturally created shapes and textures in each piece of wood she finds. With biomorphic forms, often of birds and animals, Bump finds her vision from each unique piece of wood. Bump, a juried member of the League of N.H. Craftsmen since 1976, is a well known New England artist. Bump’s functional work, intricate zoomorphic forms constructed as boxes and drawers, is nationally collected. Canal Street Art Gallery is honored to show a collection of Deborah Bumps new sculptures in the ART FOR ALL Seasonal Group Show.

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