Gretchen Seifert

Gretchen Seifert, American, b. 1962 Jonesboro, Arkansas, b

based in Brattleboro, Vermont.

About Gretchen Seifert


Gretchen Seifert

Prima Materia


Acrylic gesso, oil paint, oil pastel, on paper

22 x 30 in 


Gretchen Seifert

You go ahead. Yes, let’s.


Acrylic, watercolor crayon, on paper

24 x 18 in


Artist's Statement

Music was my first art-form. I was trained as a classical musician. I grew up in the 60's and 70's at a time when music I was exposed to was more and more experimental, in an environment steeped in the New Music scene with Happenings and the intention of transparent interiority. My non-objective work comes from learning the habit of interiority, of exposing the non-verbal. They are a mirror of my deepest conversations with myself, experimental in nature, with the intention of accepting the depths of my human experience.

Statement on works in ART FOR ALL Seasonal Group Show

These mixed media paintings are part of a large body of work that has been influenced by my interest in healing trauma through visually representing the relationships between sensations, feelings, and memory. The juxtapositions of media, color, texture, etc. are informed by these relationships. They tell a story, my story in a given moment, through non-verbal experiences made visible on paper.


Gretchen Seifert has degrees from Boston University and Northwestern University in cello performance. She worked as a musician until the birth of her first child at which time she was gifted a Nikon camera which jumpstarted her love affair with visual art. She works now primarily in mixed media.

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