Call For Entry


Call For Entry

for the GLASS | PASTEL show

September 15- November 4

Exhibition Deadlines and Requirements

Submissions Due: August 21

Group Show exhibiting fine art glass and pastel paintings

1-6 Submissions: up to 48 in

Exhibition Fee: $36

In Person Delivery: September 6 (By appointment only)

Shipped Delivery: September 8 (All shipping charges paid by the artist, thank you.)

In Person Pickup: November 7

Shipped Pickup: November 10 (All shipping charges paid by the artist, thank you.)

Canal Street Art Gallery presents: GLASS | PASTEL, a group show exhibiting fine art glass and pastel painting. GLASS | PASTEL opens September 15th and is on view through November 4th. Join the Gallery on 3rd Friday Gallery Night in Historic Downtown Bellows Falls from 5-7pm, September 15th, to celebrate and meet the artists. All Gallery events are free and open to the public.

The GLASS | PASTEL show is a newly envisioned medium focus show, of the type Canal Street Art Gallery exhibited in its first four years. These past exhibitions included the A World Suspended in Color: Fine Art Glass show, the A Changing Form: Fine Art Ceramics show, and the A Moment In Frame: Photography show. One of the goals of these shows was to bring together artworks from different artists using the same medium to achieve common, unique, and sometimes surprising results. Visitors to these shows were presented with an opportunity to learn in depth about how these artists used their materials and techniques to create their art.

Now in its sixth year, Canal Street Art Gallery brings the medium focus show back with the two medium focus show, GLASS | PASTEL. Pastel is a painting medium which is made into sticks using different color pigments held together by a binder. Hand held, these pigment sticks are applied directly to a prepared surface. Pastel paintings are known for saturated colors and layered textures. Glass is a material used by artists as rods, or canes, of colored glass encased in clear glass. These are then held, heated and manipulated using hands and tools to create three dimensional objects. Fine art glass is known for its intricate layers, detailed patterns, bold colors and unmistakable forms and shapes.

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