Carolyn Enz Hack

America, b. 1961, NJ, based in Thetford Center, VT

About Carolyn Enz Hack


Artist's Statement

I create fine art as a means to explore my interest in many subjects, implementing skills learned building theatrical scenery and from studio practice. My work is driven by a wide-ranging curiosity and a desire to make objects that explore interesting concepts whether societal, scientific, or philosophical. The intersection between lived experience and phenomena out of control of the individual is a concept that runs through the work regardless of media or style. 

Art communicates through many channels. Allowing the concept of a piece to choose and shape the media in the service of an idea allows a freedom that cannot be achieved if few options are available to the artist. Media chosen for a particular piece has a fundamental feeling and meaning, acting as a baseline that supports the concept through the fabrication process and ultimately the finished piece.

Statement on works in the VERMONT SUMMER GROUP SHOW All Mediums | All Subjects | All Art 

Eve’s Daughters is formed from sheets of mica showing multiple planes in changing density and translucency. Within are small copper silhouettes of female figures. Masked figures can commune with spirits and hide the face of a familiar. The butterfly motif of the hair is an ancient symbol of transformation. 

Talk of the Town is one piece in the Conversations series. Beaten copper ripples enclose a central niche where patinated copper figures hang in suspension. Gossip enshrined as truth.

a History of the Self - Themes of transformation are explored in this piece. A graphic depiction reflects change in shape, color, and texture slipping through the hourglass.

Conversation, the Lovers - Focusing, reaching, ensnaring? Communication at it's most intense, beyond rational, intuitive.

Moon - Fish - Spirit was made to honor the ephemeral nature of being. It's a shimmering vision.


Carolyn Enz Hack grew up on a farm in northwestern New Jersey. She received her BFA in theatrical design from MGSA at Rutgers University. Following ten years of theatrical, film, and craft work in Seattle, Washington, she settled on a farm in Thetford Center, Vermont. Her studio practice grew out of painting courses taken at the Cornish College of the Arts and morphed to reflect her training of working 3D for the theatre. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is informed by a close relationship with the natural world and an intense curiosity on many subjects. 

Carolyn Enz Hack 

Moon - Fish - Spirit  


Mica, copper, steel, Swarovski crystal, mixed media 

30 x 18 x 2 in



Carolyn Enz Hack 

Conversations, the Lovers  


Copper, lucite, silver and gold plated wire, steel, steel cable 

14 x 42 x 9 in  



Carolyn Enz Hack

Eve’s Daughters  


Mica, wire, copper, Swarovski crystal  

31 x 15 x 15 in 


Carolyn Enz Hack 

a History of the Self  


Patinated copper, mica, steel, mixed media 

36 x 22 x 2 in



Carolyn Enz Hack 

Conversations, Talk of the Town  


Patinated and painted copper, mica, steel, gold leaf, silver plated wire, acrylic paint  

20 x 27 x 6 in 


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