Maurine Sutter

American, based in Amherst, MA

About Maurine Sutter


Maurine Sutter

Discovery (4/5)
Archival pigment print on cotton rag paper (framed)

12 x 18 in


Maurine Sutter

Twisted Rebar, Balloons, Grass (artist proof)
Archival pigment print on archival paper (framed)

15 x 19 in



Maurine Sutter

Mixed Bouquet  

Photograph on dibond with glossy laminate

40 x 30 in


Maurine Sutter

Balloon, Seaweed, Stone (edition 1/5)

Archival pigment print on archival paper (framed)

12 x 19 in



Maurine Sutter

Secret Life (signed artist proof)

Archival pigment print on archival paper (framed)

12 x 7.75 in


Maurine Sutter

Sign of the Times (signed artist proof)

Archival pigment print on archival paper, UV coated

4 x 6 in



Maurine Sutter

Spring Splendor (signed edition, 1/5)

Archival pigment print on Canson Baryta paper

19 x 14.75 in (framed)



Maurine Sutter, based in Amherst, Massachusetts, works in black-and-white and color digital photography and hand colored black-and-white infrared film, printing large and small scale images in series’ such as “Beachtrash”, “Provincetown Dunes”, and “The Inflatables”. “My objective is to attract the viewer’s attention by making aesthetically appealing images that might be considered ‘pretty pictures’ of an ugly reality.” -Maurine Sutter

Artist’s Statement

For me, the camera is like the extra room everyone wants to add on to their house. Except in this case, it is like an extra room in my mind.

At one point in my life I realized I was seeing so much and at such a pace, that only photography could be my medium.

Artist’s Statement on “Beachtrash”

Tangled by the sea and tossed ashore, these party balloons, ribbon and discarded objects are photographed exactly as found, on the seashores of Cape Cod. For the last twenty years I have found it to be marred by plastic litter of all sizes and descriptions. By making conventionally pretty pictures of this ugly reality, I hope to provoke questions about the consequences of our present-day mistakes.


From Northampton, Massachusetts, Maurine Sutter first studied photography at Windham (now Landmark) College in Putney, Vermont with noted photographer Harold Feinstein.

Beachtrash, her most recent work, is a series of photographs showing plastic debris deposited on seashores of Cape Cod. Sutter describes these images as conventionally pretty pictures of an ugly reality. Drawing the viewer’s attention with rich, saturated color set against a background of sand, they are clearly intended to be thought-provoking.

Characterized by a wide range of subject matter and style, her work defies being typed. From black and white landscapes capturing the stark beauty of outer cape dunes to a humorous series done on giant inflatable beach toys, she uses traditional and contemporary printmaking methods to make her work in limited editions.

Having embraced change in the medium of photography, Sutter remains committed to making images in camera, without altering the original by use of imaging software.

Maurine Sutter’s photographs are included in the permanent collections of The Provincetown Art Association & Museum, The Cape Cod Museum of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art at U-Mass, Amherst and Edith Wharton Restoration-The Mount, Lenox, Massachusetts and private collections nationally and internationally.

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