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February 12 ~ April 4

Opening Reception: Bellows Falls 3rd Friday Gallery Night

February 21, 5-8pm

Live Online: Bellows Falls 3rd Friday Gallery Night

March 20, 6-7pm

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OUR 1st GALLERY NIGHT in Bellows Falls - ONLINE!

All are invited on Friday, March 20th at 6:00 pm to view the current Show LIVE on Facebook, A CHANGING FORM Fine Art Ceramics.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak we at the Gallery are taking the necessary precautions to protect both the artists and all of the fans of their artwork. 

In an effort to fulfill our mission of promoting artists and comply with the need for “Social Distancing” encouraged by the Vermont Department of Health, we will gather online. 

So, PLEASE join us at our first Virtual Gallery event for this month's 3rd Friday Gallery Night. Go To @canalstreetartgallery on facebook and be immersed in local ART!

Let's all join together at our first Virtual Gallery special event!


Please call the Gallery during regular scheduled operating times.  Weds. to Sat. 11am-5pm.


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Canal Street Art Gallery’s A CHANGING FORM Fine Art Ceramics Show Opens 

Canal Street Art Gallery presents: A CHANGING FORM Fine Art Ceramics, this is the Gallery’s fourth medium-focused group show. The exhibit shares a collection from artists creating sculptural and functional original artwork using clay as a primary medium. This Show’s ceramic art-forms present the viewer with each of the artist’s own unique vision, techniques, design, texture, message. Canal Street Art Gallery is honored to share artwork by David Ernster, Kathie Gatto-Gurney, Deborah Goodwin, Caren Helm, Irene Lederer LaCroix, Carla Liguori, Naomi Lindenfeld, Amanda Ann Palmer, and Alan Steinberg. 

A CHANGING FORM Fine Art Ceramics opens FEBRUARY 12th, and is on view to the public through APRIL 4th. All are invited for the Opening Reception with the artists, on Bellows Falls 3rd Friday Gallery Night, February 21st from 5-8pm. Meet the artists in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. They will be sharing their process and experience with ceramics as a medium of expression. Converse with the artists and share your impressions of their sculptures. Canal Street Art Gallery is located at 23 Canal Street in the Historic Downtown Village of Bellows Falls, Vermont, and is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

The latest Fine-Art show features ceramic artists from across Vermont and New Hampshire, including members of The Vermont Crafts Council, the League of N.H. Craftsmen, and the Brattleboro Clayworks. Visit Canal Street Art Gallery and take part in celebrating the fun and dynamic range of earthen creations from some of these many successful, awarded and multi-talented ceramic, pottery and clay artists.

David Ernster is a multidisciplinary artist and educator, currently working in Newbury, New Hampshire, with a focus on sculpture and vessels using both ceramic and metal as materials and inspiration. Ernster says, “Fire, water, and air in their most basic forms have the power to change our world.”  To this artist, clay is the most basic medium or material to craft. It can be found almost anywhere on the earth, and used not only to make virtually anything, but also to create the kilns to fire it in.

Kathie Gatto-Gurney, currently working in Brattleboro, sculpts clay into abstract forms to reference the human figure with shape, movement, and line. Gatto-Gurney spent much of her early career improvising and choreographing dance in New York City. Gatto-Gurney’s work is made entirely of ceramic, with marble, granite, and tile bases.

Deborah Goodwin, located in Stockbridge, Vermont since 2007, works in hand built clay slabs, embossed with textures of lace or jacquard, to create functional forms referencing apparel construction techniques, and inspired by fabrics and trims. Goodwin has pursued a 20 year career in the apparel industry, first in Chicago, then New York, where she designed, produced, and sold garments to national department and specialty store chains.

Caren Helm, currently operating Pizzazz Pottery, in Fair Haven, Vermont, creates functional and sculptural hand built and wheel thrown stoneware. Helm’s work presented in A CHANGING FORM Fine Art Ceramics represents pieces created both prior to, and after, the artist suffered a traumatic brain injury. Helm’s new work is the product of immense change in the artist’s life, a way of seeing and interpreting every experience, every day.

Irene Lederer LaCroix has been creating with clay at her Rend’l Pottery studio in Jericho, Vermont since 1992. LaCroix’s work includes raku and saggar fired pottery, tile murals, large vessels, and abstract and figurative sculpture. LaCroix’s sculptural pieces are hand-built using white stoneware clay, then they are burnished, bisqued, and fired in a saggar filled with a variety of combustible materials and chemicals. 

Carla Liguori, recently settled in Bellows Falls from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She creates mixed media anthropomorphic sculptures with humor and candor. The artist’s depiction of delusional, sometimes unsanctified, forms gives Liguori’s sculptures a twisted whimsy. The artist presents narratives from life’s travels, while capturing the essence of each animal and/or individual.


Naomi Lindenfeld, working out of her studio in West Brattleboro, uses the rhythms and textures of carving clay to form new layered, colored clay to work with. The exciting result from the artist-rendered clay is the uninterrupted movement, flow, and color that dominate her inspirations from nature and dance. Lindenfeld is co-founded the Brattleboro Clayworks in 1983, and has taught ceramics at The Putney School for over twenty years! The inspiration for this body of work came from the artist’s mother's fiber work, as Lindenfeld interpretes a two-dimensional medium within a three-dimensional realm. 


Amanda Ann Palmer is a sculptor currently located in Hartland, Vermont, and working with clay to create feminine geometric cairns. She uses an expanding vocabulary of techniques; rolling, throwing, and pinching the clay, to create modular shapes that are built into towers. Inspired by water and wind-formed landscapes, the light and shadow interpret and reinterpret the forms and the space between them.


Alan Steinberg is currently located in Putney, Vermont, where his vision as a sculptor strives to go from being “about nature,'' to being “of nature”. Steinberg sees his work with clay over the past fifty years as being “kidnapped by clay”. With beginnings as a N.Y.C. public school teacher, a co-founder of the Brattleboro Clayworks, and a teacher of psychotherapeutic healing, Steinber’s work ecompasses communal shared feelings of exisitance, as influenced by vision quests. Steinberg is an artist focused on the spiritual side of making art - that which integrates poetry, ritual, mythology, meditation and ecology, with the work of the hands.

For more information about A CHANGING FORM Fine Art Ceramics or Canal Street Art Gallery go to online, call Mike or Emmett by phone at 802-289-0104, or send emails to 

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