Terry A. Carter

American b. 1950, Nashua, NH, based in Brattleboro, VT

About Terry A. Carter

Terry A. Carter

Diamonds are Forever


Musket gourd, acrylic, varnish, primer

27 x 6 x 6 in (18 in circ)


Terry A. Carter



Snake gourd, acrylic, varnish, primer

53 x 4 x 4 in (13 in circ)


Terry A. Carter

Into the Future


Musket gourd, acrylic ,varnish, primer

29 x 9 x 9 in (22 in circ)


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Artist's Statement

The very ancient history of gourds and their recurring theme of representing the wise "AncientEarth Mother" speaks to me.  The individual  gourd I work with dictates it's own transformation, as I reverently listen and pay attention, before and as I pick up and apply my brush.

Statement about works in VERMONT SUMMER GROUP SHOW

These are some of my larger gourd pieces that I've created for a little over a decade.  The process is a prolonged and tedious labour, involving finding or growing, drying, removing outer epidermis, sanding, applying various washes & primers before image application, followed by several layers of varnish saturation.  I always find the finished product well worth this“Labor of LOVE”.


Terry A. Carter uses a background in drawing and study in fine arts, to create intricate patterns and designs, each inspired by the carefully treated gourd it is painted on.  Carter finds a historical and spiritual connection to the gourd as a medium for art, painting, and design.  The work is presented as sculpture, while keeping the natural shape of each gourd.  Carter’s process is as much about preserving and highlighting the found forms of natures art, as it is about the color and patterns of the painting on it’s surface.  The pieces on view in VERMONT SUMMER GROUP SHOW represent a selection of large work done by the artist throughout the last decade.

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