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Canal Street Art Gallery’s Represented Artist DUO SHOW Opens Online


Canal Street Art Gallery presents: TWO PAINTERS OUT STANDING IN THEIR FIELDS Jeanne McMahan & Rodrica Tilley DUO SHOW Opens Online April 8th, on view digitally to the public through May 9th. All are invited on April 8th starting at 11:00am to visit the Gallery’s Inaugural Online Viewing Room, open all the time on our website. 

Go to to experience the current DUO SHOW in this new interactive format. Celebrate the beauty, mood, light and colors of our natural landscape as seen through one intimate, and one vast, painter's view. 

Canal Street Art Gallery remains optimistic at this time of much uncertainty. This is achieved through our initiatives to continue programming, promoting artists, and by bringing all exhibitions entirely online for public viewing. In order to fulfill its mission, CSAG has been innovating ways to bring the Show to you! There is a need for the continuation of life, creativity and self expression when amidst such change. Art is abundant and is to be seen. We are here for that!

Duo Shows are offered by Canal Street Art Gallery to it’s Represented Artists. Jeanne McMahan & Rodrica Tilley are the fourth set of artists to make a show of this kind. These two painters experience a common passion for sharing the essential beauty, mood, light, colors and textures of the landscape. Both artists work from direct observation of the landscape. Jeanne McMahan in oil paint, and Rodrica Tilley in pastel paint. McMahan looks to the open fields and water with her gestural style and minimal shapes. Tilley, often working in her gardens, finds intimate views with packed together subjects. Both of these painters enjoy a bright, optimistic view of life, and are pleased to share this with you in TWO PAINTERS OUT STANDING IN THEIR FIELDS.

Jeanne McMahan, based in South Strafford, Vermont, currently works in oils. Using the landscapes of her native Maine and Vermont as subjects, the artist presents her particular vision of gestures, colors, patterns and textures. McMahan, with a background in art therapy and master studies in fine arts and painting, worked in mixed media during her early career in New York City. After relocating to Vermont, McMahan continues to focus on painting the landscape in oils. 

“Landscape in these works is the product of both memory and observation in the moment. It is this everyday sameness and moment-to-moment change that I strive to capture in both these settings, not in their details or pictorial accuracy but in the mood and sensory pleasures of color, shape, and light translated by the gesture of the brush and the quality of paint itself.” - Jeanne McMahan.

Rodrica Tilley, based in Brattleboro, Vermont, is a painter working in pastel and watercolor, with a background in freelance illustration. Tilley’s work is rooted in a passion for the natural lifecycle. The artist shares this vibrant view of beauty through her use of intense pigments, bright contrasts, and luminous textures. Tilley’s work is reproduced in numerous print editions of Horticulture Magazine and Woman's Day. The artist’s current work focuses on painting the weather, plants, and light within the garden. Tilley’s process, through helping to maintain the life of her garden, then sustains her creative life in return. 

“Each year my gardens burst into bloom with fresh colors and textures. The plants help to sustain the birds and beasts, who pass by here. Painting and living in the gardens, pleases and sustains me and provides a way for me to share the essential beauty of the land with others.” - Rodrica Tilley.

On Bellows Falls 3rd Friday Gallery Night, join us LIVE Online April 17th from 6 to 7pm for our Virtual Gallery Event! This month’s Virtual Gallery Event, to replace the Opening Reception typically held in the gallery, takes place on Canal Street Art Gallery’s FaceBook Page. Please take part with us online and help kick off our fourth year bringing Southern Vermont local ART!  Use your mobile device or computer to take part in this month’s BF3F by going to: or

We at the Gallery are taking the necessary precautions to protect both the artists and all the friends CSAG and the artwork. The following is in response to and in compliance with Governor Phil Scott’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order directing the closure of in-person operations for all non-essential businesses. The gallery will only be open by appointment until further notice. Please call during regular scheduled operating times Weds. to Sat. 11am-5pm.

For more information about TWO PAINTERS OUT STANDING IN THEIR FIELDS Jeanne McMahan & Rodrica Tilley or Canal Street Art Gallery go to online, call Mike or Emmett at 802-289-0104, or send emails to

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