Ceramic | Fiber

Ceramic | Fiber

September 20  ~ November 2

Join us on 3rd Friday Gallery Night September 20 and October 18th from 5-7pm for opening receptions and to meet the artists

Art show pairs fine art ceramics with the fiber arts

Canal Street Art Gallery presents: the Ceramic | Fiber show, open September 20th through November 2nd. Join the gallery for 3rd Friday Gallery Night in Historic Downtown Bellows Falls, Vermont, from 5-7pm on September 20th to celebrate Fall in Vermont with local art with an opening reception for the artists. All gallery events are free and open to the public, for wheelchair accessibility call 802-289-0104. 

The Ceramic | Fiber show is a newly envisioned medium focus show, of the type Canal Street Art Gallery exhibited in its first four years. These past exhibitions include A World Suspended in Color: Fine Art Glass, A Changing Form: Fine Art Ceramics, and A Moment In Frame: Fine Art Photography. One of the goals of these shows was to bring together artworks from different artists using the same medium to achieve common, unique, and sometimes surprising results. These shows presented to visitors an opportunity to learn in-depth about how these artists use their materials and techniques to create their art. 

Canal Street Art Gallery brings the medium focus show back with Ceramic | Fiber, presenting two mediums side by side: fine art ceramics and the fiber arts. As with many of the gallery’s exhibits, it wishes to allow the artists to define their art rather than making them fit a mold. This is exemplified with this show by opening the definition up to the breath of a medium. Both ceramic and fiber are materials which are intertwined with art, agriculture, society, and survival. 

Artworks in the Show

Opens September 20

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