Clare Adams, Charles Norris-Brown

Melissa Rubin, Phyllis Rosser

September 14 ~ October 16

Join Us on 3rd Friday Gallery Night September 16, from 5-7PM to Meet the Artists

About the Show

‘Interaction’ Show Explores How Four Artists Create Their Art

Canal Street Art Gallery presents: Interaction: Clare Adams, Charles Norris-Brown, Phyllis Rosser, Melissa Rubin; a show of four artists exploring how they each interact with their environment, themselves, and their mediums, to create their art. The show is opening September 14th and is on view through October 15th. The public is invited on 3rd Friday Gallery Night in Historic Downtown Bellows Falls, Vermont, from 5-7pm on September 16th, to experience the show and meet the artists. All Gallery events are free and open to the public. 

The Interaction: Clare Adams, Charles Norris-Brown, Phyllis Rosser, Melissa Rubin show is a new type of group exhibit at Canal Street Art Gallery. These shows, held in the smaller front gallery, tell the story of how each artist creates their art. Clare Adam’s work explores the interaction between light, glass, and paint. Charles Norris-Brown creates art to make an interaction with the viewer. Phyllis Rosser’s work manifests from the artist’s ectatic interaction with nature. Melissa Rubin’s process is in interaction with her materials and emotional state of mind.

Clare Adams, based in Cambridgeport, Vermont, is compelled by the interaction between light, glass, and paint. Adams uses the traditional techniques of reverse painting, enameling, and staining glass, to depict a range of subjects. In this show, Adams premiers her newest series portraying women of historic, civil, and political importance such as Maya Angelou, Frida Kahlo, Stacy Abrams and Liz Cheney. The artist is showing monotype prints alongside reverse painted and stained glass. Adams’ current work in glass is informed by her career as a painter and printmaker. The action of painting on clear plastic panels to create a monotype print led the artist to painting on glass.

Charles Norris-Brown, based in Bellows Falls, Vermont, is driven by the interaction of the viewer with his work. Norris-Brown is an artist and social anthropologist. He works in watercolor painting, ink wash painting, and drawing. The artist often chooses people and animals as subjects. These subjects  communicate the artist’s desire to reach people through an understanding of nature; both what threatens it, as well as its wonder. The artist’s anthropological research on people of the forests, and their place in the health of the ecosystems there, has brought Norris-Brown to his current focus on figurative work depicting people embracing nature. 

Phyllis Rosser, based in Bellows Falls, Vermont, and New York City, creates her art through an ecstatic interaction with nature and the environment. Rosser finds wood washed onto the shores of the Connecticut River to create her sculptures. The compositions of Rosser’s sculptures reflect the natural way the wood is found, honed to its essence by water and time. In this show, the artist exhibits alongside her sculptures, a painting titled “Heliborous and Strawberries”. Rosser's paintings in acrylic on canvas often portray close-up views of wild irises, tree peonies, passion flowers, and amaryllises. 

Melissa Rubin, based in Cambridgeport, Vermont, and New York City, interacts with her materials and techniques based on emotional states of mind, and in relation to the mediums themselves. In this show, Rubin presents a selection of work from a series exploring the artist’s struggle with insomnia. The cycle of sleeplessness, the repetition of evenings awake, light diffused through the darkness or fragmented into slices through the windows, all inform this series. Rubin makes her art with materials such as oil paint, powdered pigments, graphite, ink, wax mediums, metal leaf and powders. The artist uses techniques such as monotype printmaking, encaustic painting, encaustic monotype, and collage.

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