Linden Eller, Brightly
Linden Eller, Bye-Lo
Linden Eller, Australia
Linden Eller, France 2
Linden Eller_Indonesia
Linden Eller, Reaching
Linden Eller, Slipping
Linden Eller, Stretching

Linden Eller Working Artist Program

October 6 ~  December 8

Join us on 3rd Friday Gallery Night October 20 & November 7 from 5-7pm for opening receptions and to meet the artists

Artist's Statement

Linden’s work centers around themes of memory architecture – its process of alterations, renewals, and inaccuracies. Fully enamored by mixed media, she uses a variety of materials to create, including paper, found fragments, transparencies, sewing thread, paint, pencil, ink and pastels. She blends autobiographical narratives with collective subjects that travel a spectrum from delight to aches. Linden thinks of her collages and paintings as layered field recordings that represent a oneness – multiple perspectives and repetitions of the same shared story.


Born in 1984, Linden spent her youth in the urban Sonoran desert of Phoenix, Arizona before moving to Southern California to obtain her BA in Studio Art. She’s since lived and worked across Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Linden’s work has been published and exhibited internationally, and she also works as an art educator. She currently lives in Mount Holly, Vermont, and is represented by Court Tree Collective in Brooklyn, NY.

About the Working Artist Program

The goal of the Working Artist Program is to provide artists with an affordable space to complete a project, explore a new body of work, gain exposure and sales, or prepare for a solo show. Visitors to the Gallery now also have a unique chance to engage with an artist as they create their art. The public is welcome to come in to learn about and experience the process of art making. By offering a working and exhibiting space which is open to the public, with new artists every one to three months, the program contributes opportunities for dialogue, events, and classes to the community. 

The Working Artist Program is open to all artists with priority for local artists. Working Artists are expected to interact with gallery visitors, discuss their artwork, process and practice, and answer questions. Artists process their own sales and curate their own space. Upon completion of the program, artists present a self-curated solo show within their space to coordinate with a Bellows Falls 3rd Friday Gallery Night event.

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