Working Artist Program

March 3 ~ March 31

Artist Statement

I have fallen in love with collage. The creative process grabs my first thoughts in the morning and filters in and out of my consciousness even as I sleep. Using scissors, paper and glue, I create realms that are amalgams of real and imagined places intended to invite the viewer in — to escape with me. I find discarded magazines and source material anywhere, giving new life to old images with fresh context for visual narratives and imaginative possibilities.

Statement of Intent for the Program

I began to use collage as my primary medium in 2022. Over the years my focus on painting and other visual art mediums led me to collage, but I have been increasingly curious if combining painting with collage might allow for more artistic choices and expressions in my work. While at Canal Street Gallery in the Working Artist Program, I intend to create new work that experiments with mixed media techniques in addition to new collage techniques.

I am also looking to create art that reflects the history of the local area and that incorporates a sense of place. In the fall of 2022, I was a collage artist in Scotland at Merz Gallery in Sanquhar through a Kolaj Institute residency program; resident artists there responded to the history and stories of the region as a focus for new art. Similarly, while at Canal Street Gallery, I plan to explore Bellows Falls and its history and surroundings as a creative launch piece for new work and I welcome the opportunity to interact with gallery visitors and the local community.

About the Working Artist Program

The goal of the Working Artist Program is to provide artists with an affordable space to complete a project, explore a new body of work, gain exposure and sales, or prepare for a solo show. Visitors to the Gallery now also have a unique chance to engage with an artist as they create their art. The public is welcome to come in to learn about and experience the process of art making. By offering a working and exhibiting space which is open to the public, with new artists every one to three months, the program contributes opportunities for dialogue, events, and classes to the community. 

The Working Artist Program is open to all artists with priority for local artists. Working Artists are expected to interact with gallery visitors, discuss their artwork, process and practice, and answer questions. Artists process their own sales and curate their own space. Upon completion of the program, artists present a self-curated solo show within their space to coordinate with a Bellows Falls 3rd Friday Gallery Night event.

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