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Kim Grall

American b. 1961, Berea, OH, based in Westminster Station, VT

About Kim Grall


Artist’s Statement

Gourds are the perfect medium for incorporating all aspects of my creativity and my love of Earth. The fact that I grow them and see them through every stage of their life into the final process of drying, cleaning and deciding what to make them into, only increases the fulfillment of working with them.


Kim Grall is an artist working in a diverse array of mediums and techniques, including paper, fiber, leather, photography, printmaking, and pyrography.  Grall’s current work uses gourds as both a sculptural object and as a substrate for the artist’s toolbox of materials.  The gourds Grall uses are grown by the artist, seen through their entire life cycle intentioned to become art.  Through this intimacy with her material Grall finds the inspiration, process, and concept for her work.  The artist sees inspiration from nature in her subjects of the garden lifecycle, using pigmented paper to design and paint both the interiors and exteriors of her work.  The artist’s process finds comparisons with the making of sacred and ceremonial objects in the growing and drying methods used to produce the gourds, techniques of scarring and burning on their surfaces, and the use of vines, beads, feathers and fiber.  Grall’s work presents the concepts of utilitarian objects, made to be sacred objects, and treated as painted sculpture.


Kim Grall

Leaf Bowl


Flat bushel gourd with paper and cordage

9 x 13 x 13 in


Kim Grall

Blue Bird Box


Wren house gourd with paper 

6 x 6 x in



Kim Grall

Horse Basket 


Martin gourd with paper 

11 x 7 x 7 in


Kim Grall

Eyes Forward, mask 


Top of flat bushel gourd, stained glass, slate nails, beads

11 x 11, and 13 in appendage



Kim Grall

Ivy Basket 


Martin gourd with clay beads paper and cordage 

16 x 10 x 10 in


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