Past Exhibitions

NEW WORK Represented Artist Group Show
NEW WORK Represented Artist Group Show
NEW WORK Represented Artist Group Show
NEW WORK Represented Artist Group Show
NEW WORK Represented Artist Group Show
NEW WORK Represented Artist Group Show
NEW WORK Represented Artist Group Show
NEW WORK Represented Artist Group Show


Represented Artist Group Show

November 18 ~ January 15

Bellows Falls 3rd Friday Gallery Night 5-7PM

LIVE Artist Talk at 6PM on Facebook @canalstreetartgallery

February 21

March 18

About the Show

About the Show

Canal Street Art Gallery presents: The NEW WORK Represented Artist Group Show! Premiering NEW artwork once a year from each of Canal Street Art Gallery’s current roster of artists. The show will OPEN January 21st and is on view to the public through March 12th. Join us this 3rd Friday Gallery Night in Historic Downtown Bellows Falls from 5-7PM on January 21st to celebrate! Meet the artists and watch the LIVE Artist Talk at 6PM on Facebook or the CSAG website. 

The NEW WORK Represented Artist Group Show is only the second exhibition to feature NEW artwork from each of Canal Street Art Gallery’s current roster of twenty one Represented Artists! This includes the announcement of some very exciting and notable newly represented artists whose artwork is highlighted in this show. 

Now celebrating our 5th year, the Canal Street Art Gallery continues sharing and appreciating incredible, local, art while helping support both the artists who create it and the regional creative economy. CSAG is excited to meet the promotional needs and online commerce demands of the artistic community with its expansive programming of 34 exhibitions in 2022! These include an increased number of Solo Shows, the Represented Artist Show at Main Street Arts, and monthly installations at the Hartford Vermont Welcome Center.

Do come downtown or settle in at home and see the inspiring artworks from these artists; Clare Adams, Spaulding Dunbar, Nancy Fitz-Rapalje, Kathie Gatto-Gurney, Corinne Greenhalgh, Carol Keiser, Nicholas Kekic, Marcie Maynard, Jeanne McMahan, Lisa Eckhardt McNealus, Martha Nichols, Charles Norris-Brown, MC Noyes, Phyllis Rosser, Melissa Rubin, Matthew Saxton, Gretchen Seifert, and Rodrica Tilley. 

Canal Street Art Gallery is honored to introduce their newest represented artists: Mindy Fisher and John van de Does.

Mindy Fisher is based in Bellows Falls, on Canal Street where she works out of her storefront studio. After studying Set Design in Chicago, Fisher focused on painting, cartooning, and animation. Over the past decade Fisher has been creating a series of paintings called “Ornaglyphs”. This work uses gouache, spray, and marker paint on both small panels and large canvases. This series started off as comic panels and has now grown to include clustered, layered abstract paintings. Inspired from observations in swampy areas and studying plant life up close, the subjects featured are a surreal cast of bird-like characters and a hieroglyphic non-language. 

“Each painting is a spontaneous experiment with color and shapes colliding. When people experience my work I want them to get lost and find new things. I love when people tell me what they see.” -Mindy Fisher

John van de Does, Based in Andover, Vermont is a lifelong Yoga practitioner and teacher using the visual tool of creating Yantras. A Yantra is a diagram illustrating sacred geometrical arrangements in a symmetrical design. Usage of Yantras has been practiced since 3300 B.C.. Practitioners use Yantras to emit cosmic positive energies, curb negative energies and help individuals upraise spiritually. Van de Does’s work explores this sacred geometry while also incorporating written and translated Sanskrit. 

The depth of talent and the abundance of amazing artwork that these area Represented Artists have been creating over the last year has been phenomenal! Currently, the public has the opportunity to engage with the art in the Gallery. All these local artists want to share their new work with you. The CSAG community is grateful to everyone for continuing to buy original art offered directly from the artists and for supporting the local creative economy here in Southern Vermont.

Artworks in the Show


Mindy Fisher

Absolute Gas


Acryla-gouache and spray paint on canvas

59 x 59 in

Inquire on Availability

Caroline Ryan Morgan



Oil wax and paint stick

20 x 24 in



John van de Does

Yantra with Sanskrit Alphabet 


Ink on paper

18 x 18 in



Medora Hebert

Hydrangea Transfer 


Pigment print transfer onto watercolor paper

7 x 7 in


Clare Adams

In Reverse (Hartley)

Reverse painted and stained glass


16 x 13 in

Inquire on Availability

Spaulding Dunbar

Royal Tandoori


Original Photograph printed w/ archival ink on archival paper w/ UV protective laminate; on 1/8" Gatorboard

18 x 12 in



Charles Norris-Brown



Transparent watercolor on archival paper

21.5 x 18 in

Inquire on Availability


Nancy Fitz-Rapalje

Wine Houses at Viylna


Oil on Silk

15.5 x 19.5 in



Marcie Maynard

End of Day


Oil on canvas

16 x 20 in

Inquire on Availability

Jeanne McMahan

Pines in Fall


Oil on canvas

20 x 16 in


Kim Grall

Box with Butterflies


Encaustic medium over butterfly wings, handmade paper, and smoke bush leaves with iris leaf cordage and an unknown nut on a sm. bushel gourd

6.5 x 6 x 6 in



Carol Keiser

Sun Breaking on Bellows Falls


Acrylic on canvas

28 x 22 in

Inquire on Availability


Gretchen Seifert

This is what my love is like.


Acrylic, ink, fabric, hydrangea blossoms on panel

36 x 24 in

Inquire on Availability

Phyllis Rosser

Passion Flower


Archival pigment print on Canson photo rag paper

13.25 x 18 in



Corinne Greenhalgh

I Can’t Breath


Embroidered text on found linen

28 x 15 in


Rodrica Tilley

Dark Falls Early


Soft pastel on sanded pastel paper

12 x 16 in

Inquire on Availability

MC Noyes All Horizons 2019

MC Noyes

All Horizons


Oil on linen board

12 x 16 in

Inquire on Availability

Lisa Eckhardt McNealus Revery 2021

Lisa Eckhardt McNealus



Acrylic on canvas

14 x 11 in


Matthew Saxton



Oil on canvas

14 x 11 in 



Kathie Gatto-Gurney

The Wind Always Has My Back



32 x 15 x 7 in

Inquire on Availability

Melissa Rubin

Positive Space


Layered monotype on paper

10.5 x 8 in



Nicholas Kekic

Filigrana Collection Tall Bottle, black with yellow lip


Blown glass

11 x 4 x 4 in


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