Judy Hawkins

American, based in Putney, VT

About Judy Hawkins

Judy Hawkins_cherry-sundae_oil-on-canvas_12x36
Judy Hawkins_magic-journey

Judy Hawkins

Cherry Sundae

Oil on canvas 

12 x 36 in (cherry frame)


Judy Hawkins

Magic Journey 

Oil on canvas

24 x 30 in


Artist’s Statement

When I was 5 or 6 years old I knew I was an artist. My view of the sensory world always seemed different than my friends. When I paint, I have an internal “dialog” with myself. I think this “conversation” is hard wired but I have recently recognized how important and integrated it is to how I see and interpret my sensory world and how it takes form and color in my painting. Over the last few years, I have thought about how important it is to me to continually learn something new whenever I put brush and color to canvas, each new experience bringing a new perspective and vocabulary to my work, not unlike life.

I begin a new painting at the top and work my way down, working quickly to establish mood through color and composition. I allow the paint, drips and accidental color combinations to guide my vision. I use orange, brown, green and shades of gray to create the mood and feeling of weather, skies and water.

My paintings have a luminous, rich quality created by laying down thin glazes of oil paint on canvas. Layers are built up slowly after each has been softened and blended. I remove paint with turpentine and rags, re-apply, and remove again, repeating the process until the painting works and excites me. My finished paintings often don't resemble their beginnings; they go through a continual process of change.

Recent paintings explore water in varied dimensions, from the pond bottom through layers of water, to surface tension and reflection, to water splashes and ripples. I am in awe of nature. It never ceases to amaze and inspire me.


Judy Hawkins, based in Westminster West, Vermont, works in oil paint using light, color, and form to create a sense of place inspired by the landscape. Hawkins begins work on a canvas from the top down, moving quickly and allowing paint, drips, and accidental color combinations to guide the painting. The artist lays down thin glazes, building up layers, removing with rags, and then re-applying. The process of change each work goes through is important to the artist in that she continually learns something new whenever brush and color are put to canvas.

“When I paint, I have an internal ‘dialog’ with myself.Each new experience brings a new perspective and vocabulary to my work, not unlike life.” -Judy Hawkins

Judy Hawkins_autumnal-equinox

Judy Hawkins

Autumnal Equinox

Oil on canvas

24 x 30 in


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