Jeanette Staley

Jeanette Staley Common American Wild-cat


Jeanette Staley Common American Wild-cat

Jeanette Staley

Common American Wild-cat 


mixed media collage on cradled board

24 x 36 in



Jeanette Staley

Based in Bellows Falls, Vermont

Artists’s Statement

Predators and Prey explores the intersections of heteropatriarchy andsocietal/environmental destruction, drawing attention to the complicated legacy of 19th c. icons including John James Audubon and his contemporaries but also recognizing the reverberation of that century with this. It addresses complex themes that define some of the titans of the 19th c: myth making, trade & exchange, industrial destruction of habitat and socioeconomic inequality.

Artist’s Statement on Common American Wild-cat

Born in 273 AD, Barbara was the daughter of a wealthy pagan who beheaded his daughter for her devotion to Christianity. He was summarily struck down by lightning and St Barbara became the patron saint of artillery and explosives. She is the Civil War memorial for the state of Louisiana at Gettysburg, dedicated in June, 1971, nearly 100 years after the war ended.

The cat was first painted by Audubon in 1842, I reimagine her appearing from the wallpaper design inspired from the 19th c. rooms of the RISD Museum of Art.



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